Sometimes, it seems that a simple task like painting a house doesn’t require a professional. You can just paint, right? Painting is not as complicated as a plumbing job or even repairing the foundation of your home. It may seem simple, but it is not something you should abandon. Before you decide to hire a professional artist, there are many things to consider.

Pricing is the first thing you should consider. You might think painting your own job would be cheaper than hiring someone to do it. The labor costs can account for nearly 85 percent of the cost of your project. These costs quickly add up when you consider the cost of all the necessary supplies (brushes and rollers, primers, paint cans, dishes and tools for repairing walls), as well as the cost of purchasing the paint. You will soon be spending a lot more than what you would on hiring a professional.

Even if you have all the necessary supplies, there are still many things to consider when hiring professional residential painters in Townsville. Here are some ways to tell if you should hire a professional.

Paint the entire house

Do you want to paint your entire house? This is a huge undertaking compared to transforming just a few rooms. You should also consider how much time it will take to repaint the entire house. It may be worth hiring a professional if the job will take up most of your time. If you’re only painting a few rooms, this is how to do it faster.

You should consider the height of your house before you start to give it a facelift. It will be simple to paint a one-story house, as you won’t need tall ladders. A professional painter is more qualified to paint exteriors of two-story houses, or even three-story homes. A professional painter will be equipped with the proper ladders and tools to complete the job, removing the stress from reaching those difficult-to-reach places at the top of your house.

strata painter abseiling on commercial building

Walls in dire need of repair

The professional painters in Townsville can quickly finish any wall that needs some preparation before you paint. It’s easy to repair drywall but it will require you to purchase more materials before you can start painting. Professionals should handle any wall repairs. If your walls are ready to be given a new coat of paint, it will be easy to handle them yourself.

Painting on intricate woodwork?

How to paint a room for a baby. You want to make your child’s bedroom a guest bedroom. You can do it yourself with a fresh coat of paint. If you need to paint over intricate woodwork (e.g. A professional can do the job with ease if you need to trim around doors or windows. Don’t try to do it yourself if you don’t have the best grips. These are some tips to help you achieve a flawless paint job.

Color in different shades

What about changing the room’s color from dark blue to light gray? This is a big change, especially if the walls are a brighter shade. This type of change would require two coats. Professionals will also charge more for paint and labor. This, in turn, will cost you more. Professional labor is not worth the cost of doing a few coats. If you’re painting several rooms in the same color scheme, it won’t take as many coats or twice the time to do the job.