If you’re a commercial property owner, investor, or manager, you probably have a lot on your plate in terms of maintenance. While it is understandable that you want your building or complex to look its best, it is critical to keep the bottom line in mind. Functionality and productivity are just as, if not more, important than appearance. If your business or tenants are going to be affected by any renovation work, it must be done as quickly as possible.

A reputable commercial painting contractor will assist you in achieving your objectives. Apart from a new look and an appealing color scheme, experienced commercial painters can provide a variety of complementary services with the least amount of downtime and inconvenience possible.

Whether your goal is to convey a specific image or to establish a unique brand, you want your office, mall, plant, school, religious institution, or other commercial property to appear welcoming to visitors. With a neat, attractive physical appearance, you can make a favorable first impression and instill confidence in others. Painting companies or painters in Townsville with experience in commercial work will be able to advise you on current color trends in your industry (for example, the hotel industry) and how to use color to set the right mood—for example, soothing blue in a spa, energetic yellow in a factory, or vibrant red in a restaurant. Using digital color imaging, they’ll show you how different hues would look in your home.

Paint Type

Choose a contractor who uses high-quality paint to ensure a job that is both attractive and durable. Commercial paint that is properly chosen and applied should be able to withstand five years of heavy use. Your painter should be able to advise you on critical issues such as the best products for various surfaces (including wood, drywall, concrete, and metals), wall and floor solutions for high-traffic areas, and exterior sealants that increase resistance to severe weather conditions such as strong storms or direct sunlight. There are low-odor paints that don’t bother workers or clients, and anti-mold paint and products with low or no VOCs keep them healthy.


Proper preparation is the first step toward a successful commercial painting job. Consider hiring a professional painting contractor who will thoroughly clean the surfaces to be treated, including pressure washing the exterior, and address any existing issues such as chipping or peeling paint, water damage, mold, graffiti, rust, substrate damage, or concrete spalling. Within the structure, additional types of repair may be necessary, including drywall repair or replacement; patching nail holes, cracks, dents, and gouges; and retexturizing acoustical ceilings.

Customer Support

Consult with commercial painters about how they will complete their work with the least amount of disruption or inconvenience to your clients and employees. A particularly service-oriented contractor may offer you flexible scheduling—that is, work during your off-hours or slow season—to ensure that your business continues to operate relatively normally. Consider, too, the safety measures they plan to use to protect the building’s occupants as well as its equipment and furniture.


Competitive pricing is critical to staying within budget for your project. Apart from the monetary cost of commercial painting, look for detailed written specifications regarding the materials, colors, and anticipated completion date. Reliable contractors will conduct periodic inspections throughout the duration of the work and, upon completion, issue detailed progress reports that you can share with colleagues or investors. Additionally, they will provide a written guarantee for both materials and labor.